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Dumpster Rental Alternative

What you need to know about Dumpster Rentals

FACT! Dumpster rental companies charge you a fee based on the size of the dumpster you requesting. What they don't tell you is:

  • #1 The weight of your disposal can greatly increase the flat fee you were quoted
  • #2 If your dump is less then your alottment then your over paying for what your dumping
  • #3 If your dump ends up over the top of the walls of the dumpster you will need to level it, which could lead to extended time and you may have to purchase another dumpster


Alternative! ECS provides a Great Service that gives you the following Benefits:

  • #1 FREE price quotes at reasonable prices that will save you time and money. Best of all the price you receive is fixed
  • #2 Get back to work and let our team do all of the loading and disposing
  • #3 Eliminate all of the unknowns.


Junk Removal & Trash Removal

ECS is committed to Excellent customer service. On each job no matter small or large we pay attention to the details. Our staff always works in a clean and efficient manner. Here are some of the Services we provide:

"Estate Cleanout Services"

When you need to have you entire house cleaned out ECS is the company to get it done. We will remove all of your house hold items. In most cases we are dumping trash, furniture, old appliances and other debris. In a few cases these items can be donated to Good Will, Salvation Army and / or veterans administration. We coordinate all of that for you. But keep in mind that all of these donation sources don't pay for anything and they require everything to be in perfect condition. For example cloths and funiture must be less than 5 years old, in style with no scratches, dents or tears. Take a look at what you have before wasting your time. Please Give us a Call Right Now: 786-457-3981 


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