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Florida Keys History

The diverse and extremely colorful history of the Florida Keys is full of adventure. From Indians, Spanish and Pirates to hurricanes and numerous shipwrecks, these islands have always been a place to explore. Let's begin our journey…

These islands were home to the native Caloosa Indians until the famous Spanish Ponce de Leon expedition in 1513. The Spanish came looking for the Fountain of Youth and of course, gold, but what they found was no gold, no fresh water and a lot of bugs. No wonder the Spanish thought these islands seemed twisted and tortured which explains why they named them Los Martires meaning "the matyrs." It is believed that they enslaved the Indians, logged out the mahogany trees that grew here and then not seeing any other use for these islands, mapped the Keys to use the Florida Straits as a route for their ships journeying between Central America, the "New World" and Spain. Many of their ships managed to wreck on the reef giving future adventurers, underwater marine life and divers a treasure trove and playground just waiting to be explored.