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North Dade Landfill


September 1, 2016

One of the critical things that they don't tell you when dumping items at this landfill is when you pay with a credit card they are going to double the estimate of your trash and junk weight. This double fee is put on your credit card. Once, you have the official fee that amount is charge to your card, however, the original estimated fee is left on your credit card for about 5 days. You are far better using a check because you only pay what you exactly need to and there is nothing on hold.


  • Address: 21500 NW 47 Ave., Miami, FL 33055
  • Phone: 305-594-1500
  • Days & hours of operation: seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Accepted forms of payment: Check, money order, debit or credit cards. No cash.


The North Dade Landfill (NDLF) is a 218-section of land Class III (waste just) landfill. The office is situated in northern Miami-Dade County only south of the Dade-Broward line between NW 47th Avenue and NW 57th Avenue. Private, civil and County squander haulers convey junk material, for example, old furniture, amble, cartons, cardboard boxes, yard waste and development and annihilation flotsam and jetsam. The North Dade Trash and Recycling Center is co-situated at the site.

The NDLF has two cells-an eastern and a western cell. The western cell is shut yet is ceaselessly under ecological observing, while the eastern cell is as of now operational. The office's western cell has an allowed stature of 95 feet, while the eastern cell has an allowed tallness of 138 feet. Transfer limit at the office is foreseen to last through 2020. A key part of operations at the NDLF is the scale house, with scales for inbound and outbound weighing. Subsequent to intersection the scales, squander haulers are coordinated to the working face of the landfill to empty. The junk is compacted utilizing a compacter (a vast bulldozer with spiked wheels that heads over waste to decrease its volume). Every week, clean cover material is spread over the compacted waste. This is required by law, as it controls scents, and in addition diminish the quantity of fowls that rummage for nourishment at the NDLF.

The eastern cell incorporates a leachate gathering framework and a groundwater checking framework. Leachate is a fluid framed by water permeating through waste at the landfill. Landfill leachate is handled through the clean sewer framework.

Presently, methane gas coming about because of the decay of the landfill's waste is extricated and flared. Sooner rather than later, a landfill gas-to-vitality transformation framework will be developed at the office.