Estate Cleanup Project in Miami Gardens - See Photos Below


ECS is the premier Cleanout Company. Below is a project we just completed in Miami Gardens. The owner had a tenant in the property for 8 years and the tenant did not clean anything. Dirt was caked into the floors, thick layers covered the ceiling fans grease so thick in the kitchen you could cut it with a knife. To add to that it was infested with fleas and roaches. The poor owner had to evict the tenant after 4 months no payment.

Thats where ECS comes in we did a non professional flea bombing of the place of a 4 day period. Then we removed all the junk and trash from the property. We then cleaned everything everything. We assisted with getting all new (used) appliance for under $1000. We then painted the home inside and out.

Final Touches include replacing all the screening on the screened patio and black painting the driveway.

This whole process took 14 business days and by the 14th day the owners had a new tenant that moved in on that same day.

As I drove by the home yesterday I took great pride in the 2 parked cars now in the driveway owned by the new renters.

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Before pictures of the project - After Pictures are below


After pictures of the project