Foreclosure / REO Cleanout Services

ECS eliminates all of your worries with REO and Foreclosure properties. Our professionals will provide you with the lowest cost in the market for getting your property ready for lease or sale. We are meticulous in our work looking for the details and blemishes that need to be corrected. Read more

Junk Removal - Items Taken

With clutter in the home and tight space in the office, people want their junk removed. Instead of dumping it all in the garbage where it may not get picked up, people search for junk removal businesses. They look for those who are thorough with their work and get things done in a jiffy. All of it is beneficial and these junk removal services should take many items from the property. Read more

Full Service Junk Removal

Junk removal is a service to have all trash removed from homes or businesses. These businesses grab big items including furniture and appliances, and go through the entire house to cleanup any area full of waste and debris. They may also offer some demolition services, such as knocking down a wall in the house. Read more

Dumping in Miami Dade

Oftentimes home owners and Vendors pour chemicals in the sink and also on the ground. Most people don't think anything about it how they are contaminating the drinking water that is below the ground that we live and build on. These chemicals have various properties, they can be ignitable, have corrosive properties, reactive properties or they are toxic. All of these properties make them very dangerous...... Read more


Maximize Home Sale Profits

This Client had gotten 2 "As Is" quotes for $230,000 and $235,000 for a quick sale of her property. After investing a modest amount into fixing up the home the new estimates where $300,000. ECS can help maximize your profits on selling your parents home and sales are fast..... Read more


Landfill Locations in Miami Dade

One of the critical things that they don't tell you when dumping items at this landfill is when you pay with a credit card they are going to double the estimate of your trash and junk weight. This double fee is put on your credit card. ...... Read more


North Dade Landfill

One of the critical things that they don't tell you when dumping items at this landfill is when you pay with a credit card they are going to double the estimate of your trash and junk weight. This double fee is put on your credit card. Once, you have the official fee ...Read more


Land Fill Locations in Broward County

Occupants of Participating Cities may utilize Broward County's perpetual drop-off stations on Saturdays from 8 AM to 4 PM, with verification of residency. Occupants of urban areas that have Participation Agreements with Broward County for the transfer of family unit risky waste and gadgets are: Broward Municipal Services District (once in the past called "Unincorporated Broward"), Dania Beach, Hollywood, Lighthouse Point, Margate, Parkland,...Read more


Junk Removal of Kitchen items

In some cases you may find that the soda cans are so old that the can itself will dissolve in your hand like powder. When the electric is left off and there was food left in the refrigerator, don't be so quick to open the refrigerator....Read more


Cleanout a 25,000 Sq Foot Office Space | Office Space Cleanout

The company that was renting this hugh office space was moving to a new location. Already, they had evacuated the 1st floor. This had been done some time ago.....Cleanout Office


ECS Junk Removal for Restoration Company

Local Fire Station has mold throughout it's location. This will require a good Water Restoration company. It is expected however, that the cost for the remediation will be over 1 Million dollars.....Restoration Company

Collection and removal of electronic waste

Including recycling: • Monitors• Computer equipment • scanners • TV shredders and businesses constantly update computers to modern versions. • Print machines • Television shredders.....Collection and removal of electronic waste

Upgrading to a new mattress

Upgrading to a new mattress might be a good idea, as a third of our lives are spent sleeping. Sometimes, owing to sitting on an old or used mattress, sleeplessness and back pain arises.....Upgrading to a new mattress

Hot tub Disposal

If your old spa / hot tub or Jacuzzi is still in the garden, patio or roof, it is likely to be a risk. So what are you doing to get a hot tub removed? You cannot just take it down....Hot tub Disposal

Disposing of Household items properly

If you've moved to a high-tech fridge, you'll benefit from its power saving features. That's fantastic news! And, what about the former cooler? Perhaps you realize the refrigerator disposal is a challenging job.....Disposing of Household items properly

Worst Hoarder in Britain Lives in Van After Forced Eviction

Named the worst hoarder in Britain, Susan Ralphs (70) says she is now living in a van with her cats after cops and bailiff.....Worst Hoarder in Britain Lives in Van After Forced Eviction

4 Tips for Cleaning up that Hoarding Mess

Cleaning up a house that someone has hoarded stuff for years or even decades can be testing not only to your mental health but also your physical well being......4 Tips for Cleaning up that Hoarding Mess