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Hot tub Disposal


If your old spa / hot tub or Jacuzzi is still in the garden, patio or roof, it is likely to be a risk. So what are you doing to get a hot tub removed? You cannot just take it down. In reality, for the owners of old appliances, such as hot baths, and spas, can be troublesome to dispose of. Disposing a washing machine isn't a DIY scheme for a homeowner!

The removal of hot tubs is a very complicated method. You have to learn where and how both pieces will be disposed of once you have a hot tub. Big items like hot tubs are difficult to pick up and carry, and you often don't know when to put them into a bin. You cannot place it on the footpath for the day of recycling, because certainly the local department or solid waste collection center won't take it away.

Luckily, certain pieces can, depending on its form and materials, be recycled for disposal of the hot tub. That's all right, and even then you must get rid of it. For most households, a skilled junk transport company would be the easiest and most affordable solution.

We ensure safe, and environmentally friendly storage and removal of the hot tub while you have other options.With us, you don't have to think about finding this rusty tub or disposing of it. Only contact us and we'll do it all. Just guide us to the old hot tub and our demolition experts can load it into our luggage machine.

We also ensure that your old bathtub or spa is quite functional and sufficient. In many instances old hot tubs may be sent to a recycling plant to guarantee their eco-friendly disposal.

About 15 minutes prior to our arrival, our qualified hot bath removal team will phone.


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