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Office Cleanout

Cleanout a 25,000 Sq Foot Office Space


ECS does Office cleanout in the Hialeah, Florida area. This office was packed with all types of items to be disposed of included:

  • Trash
  • Boxes and Papers
  • Old Box Computers
  • Desk and Furnitures
  • Pictures and Art
  • File Cabinets and Bookshelf


The company that was renting this hugh office space was moving to a new location. Already, they had evacuated the 1st floor. This had been done some time ago.


ECS negoitated the lowest price and won the bidding to get this job. Then we brought in our professional team to begin the work. The job required a full 26 Foot box truck and took an entire day to load. There were also, several pieces of equipment that needed to be put to the side. These equipment include some industrial size printers and copier equipment.


ECS has been specializing in cleaning out homes and removing junk from homes since 2013. We are your go to junk removal company Coral Gables


Junk Removal Kitchen

Bamboo Flooring - Positives and Negatives

Hardwood Floor or Carpet? Bamboo Is a good replacement


So it has been decades since you have been living with those hardwood floors and it seems like the right time to start looking at another flooring solution. Bamboo Flooring is really catching on and you are finding more and more celebraties and professionals alike switching to Bamboo flooring. Let's face it - it is very environmentally friendly and has many really exciting advantages over hardwood and carpet. Here are some of the advantages:


  • Eco - Friendly. Bamboo is a renewable and sustainable plant product. You can actually cut down a Bamboo stock and in less that 8 years the Bamboo will regrow itself to full maturity.

  • Durability. Bamboo is a grass, but it can be as hard as an oak tree and in some cases harder. This means your Bamboo floor will last for a long time.

  • Designing with Bamboo. Home design using Bamboo is growing leaps and bounds as it is becoming mainstream and you are seeing it more and more in highend home design outlets. Some of the bamboo products actually look identical to hardwood flooring.

  • Care for your Bamboo. This type of flooring is very easy to care for as it requires no special treatment. There are lots of off the shelf cleaners developed specifically for Bamboo and in most case water and a soft soap will do just fine

  • Affordability. Because of Bamboo's natural harvesting and rejuvination properties is is less rare than other flooring. Hence, the cost of the Bamboo is generally under $5.00 and very easy to install.