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Junk Removal Kitchen

Junk Removal of Kitchen items


During a normal estate cleanout there will be a lot of items that will need to be disposed of. The kitchen is generally a big part of this process. Some of the items that are generally disposed of include:

  • Pots and Pans
  • Dishes and Glassware
  • Old food items like canned vegitables
  • Other Food items like bread, eggs, soda cans
  • Knives and Forks are not spared
  • Plastic containers and cutting blocks
  • Toasters, Baking Ovens and Microwaves
  • Old Refrigerators, Dishwashers and Stoves


In some cases you may find that the soda cans are so old that the can itself will dissolve in your hand like powder. When the electric is left off and there was food left in the refrigerator, don't be so quick to open the refrigerator. The smell can be overwhelming. In some cases if the refrigerator can not be salvadged we wrap the doors closed for the refrigerator closed and dispose of it in its entirity.


Is any of these items worth taking to Goodwill or Salvation army? Typically NO! Keep in mind there is an additional charge for making a trip to these places. Often when you do they will not accept items and you will have paid extra just to get a slip of paper for a tax discount. We do it, but in most cases we do not recommend it.


ECS has been specializing in cleaning out homes and removing junk from homes since 2013. We are your go to junk removal company Coral Gables


Junk Removal Kitchen

Pipes in your Kitchen Might Require Trenchless Repairs

Permal-Liner is a Leading developer of Trenchless pipe Repairs


One of the Leading developer of trenchless pipeline machinary is Perma-Liner. The company is based out of Clearwater Florida. The Company is now promoting a connection pipe lining system. This new product is being added to their already robust line of products. The product is used for both commercial and residential lines of business.


The new system has been compared to a brush or coating type system which is used for pipe casting. However, the equipment is far better in a lot of different ways. The verticle connection pipe lining does not require a lot of drying time that you find with other systems. There is literally no waiting time between multiple coats. In addition, there is always a consistent thickness throughout the implementation. The product reaches its final state in less than an hour and most crews can install 5 or more lines per day.


The product is really fantastic for condominiums and high rise buildings with little to no waste per installation. Perma-Liner has be providing quality products and service for almost 20 years and is a world leader in the Trenchless Repairs.