Living in the Crack in Modern Day America

For decades America's Economy has thrived off of the working class. In America, the working class contributes 60% of the labor market. Employment in America has always provided a means to live, financial support, and established systems for the larger population to follow. Working provides meaning to life and has continuously allowed individuals to gain independence and build valuable connections with others. When individuals, whether men or women, find themself unemployed, they lack opportunities to live a self-sufficient and independent life. Men have always been part of the working class, and Society has always required men to be the provider of households in America. Employment roles have varied from factory jobs to being behind the desk in different industries and sectors.

In our Society today, the workforce consists of people with various skills. There exists in Society, a large population who chooses to live and stay in the non-working class. They live in the cracks of Society and make a living off the record. The reasons for living in the cracks of Society are often due to demographics and backgrounds. Some individuals live in the gap for reasons such as the inability not to use drugs, lack of primary education, immigration status, and lack of workforce skills. The incarceration rate in America leads to millions of individuals disqualified from the workforce due to their inability to pass background checks and gain stable employment. Research conducted by Pew Research Center shows Millions of people are either not working or pursuing any form of higher education or professional training.

The unemployed population has first-hand experience encountering challenges with securing stable employment due to their background and records. Today they live in the cracks of Society, finding ways to survive and make a living off the record. Over the years, the number of workers has decreased tremendously. Thus, increasing the need for workers.

The Impact of the non-working class on Society

Over the years, the number of the non-working class has increase tremendous and continues to impact Society. The cause of the non-working class has impacted Society structurally and economically. Without a doubt, Covid-19 has shifted people's perspective of the workforce and various industries are struggling to find employees. For instance, Estate Cleanout service -a South Florida Estate, Eviction, Rental or Foreclosure Cleanout company that effectively cleaned out homes or businesses spent m seeking staff during the pandemic. They spent months having a hard time securing it. Many applicants applied but did respond to their interview requests, attended the first day of work, and never showed up afterward. Individuals with no interest in working are challenges many companies have encountered in the same scenario. Non-Working individuals rely highly on their counterparts, family support, and government assistance to maintain a living. Without consistent income, working Americans often support unemployed people through tax dollars.

The solution to the non-working class in Society is unknown; some individuals are intentionally not interested in working, while others struggle to find employment due to their background.

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