The 5 Worst Type of Mess to leave behind when you move out

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Moving is one of the most stressful experiences people go through, from organizing to packing everything and going through all your belongings. People tend to leave all types of mess and items behind when moving. What exactly is the strangest mess lot of people leave behind? We will highlight the five worst types of mess often left once someone moves.


You're probably wondering who in the world would leave pets behind? Some owners move out and cannot take pets where they are going. As a result, they leave their pets, whether dogs, cats, or snakes, behind. If the new owner is lucky, they will find the pet alive, and in rare circumstances, new owners may find a mummified pet hoping the owner or Estate Cleanout company will find the pet and figure out what to do with it. A client called estate Cleanout Services to a property in South Florida; Upon entry into the apartment, there were dog feces all over the home; a closer look into the home shows an abandoned dog left behind by the previous tenant.


When tenants are moving, they often pack bags with everything they don't want. Large bags of trash are left at the property; some of the bags tend to have holes in them and items fall out in dumping them.


Creepy crawlers and insects are one of the common types of mess found on a property after a move-out. Specifically, because they are hidden all over the place and places you may not be able to see. The best solution is for an exterminator to come in and make kill off the critters.


Paint and tools are often stashed away in a garage, closets, or under the sink are paint buckets and rusted tools left behind for years. Paint is considered hazardous material; as a result, tenants typically leave it for the next person.


Mold often occurs in places where too much moisture resides. Mold can grow on walls and ceiling, clothes, furniture ..etc. Often new owners are left to deal with the issue of mold, and it is not something the new owners can ignore.

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